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Buying and Selling Boats During COVID-19

In case you hadn’t heard, COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) has changed the way we live our day to day lives. It’s effects have rippled throughout the world and...
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Attention: Due to COVID-19, we are asking for all customers to call ahead to make an appointment to view boats. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 619 295 9669 or email   Thank you for understanding and we look forward to working with you!   California Yacht Sales Crew
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Your Passport to the South Pacific!

Sailing to the South Pacific sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It was my dream that became a reality and now I am the sailboat that can make your dream come to life!
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Blue Jacket 40 Offers Performance and Cruising

When Island Packet designer, Bob Johnson, decided to create an all new yacht to compliment his tried and true designs, he teamed up with Tim Jacket for the collaboration. Tim had been chief designer for Tartan and C&C. So, he knew a thing or two about combining luxury appointments with performance capabilities. The goal of the two was to cre...
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Get to Know the Island Packet 349

The new Island Packet 349 bows to the traditions of a great boatbuilder while offering new boat buyers the latest in design-build technology. The new model represents 40 years of continual innovation and evolution in cruising yachts...
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Island Packet New Flagship 525

Island Packet is one of the longest running, American-made, sailboat manufacturers. It all began in 1978 when naval architect and yacht designer, Bob Johnson, left Endeavor Yachts to build boats of his own design. He began with the Lightfoot 21 and by the next year had purchased molds from a defunct company to create a 26 foot cruising boat he n...
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Island Packet 495

With the introduction of the new 495 aft-deck cutter, the 485 which has been produced since 2002 is officially retired. When many sailors think of Island Packet, they are thinking about our signature center cockpit design. Thats because having a center cockpit creates a larger stern stateroom. It also changes the deck layout for which many saili...
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Island Packet 490

The new Island Packet 490 picks up where the 460 left off; which was winning awards! 10 years ago the 460 won the "Domestic Boat of the Year" from Cruising World magazine. Thats because both were designed by Bob Johnson, who started Island Packet brand of sailing yachts over 40 years ago, now. Just like the 460, the 490 is an aft-cockp...
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Island Packet 379 Features Decades of Refinement

Following decades of refinement, the newly updated Island Packet 379 is an ideal size for a cruising couple as well as a family weekender. The cutter rig with self-tending staysail is well balanced and provides the added power in lighter winds. A solent rig is also offered. What sets this yacht apart from others in its' category include the ...
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Buy a Boat for Coastal Sport Fishing

The decision to buy your own powerboat for fishing has been made... now what?       Live bait vs trolling vs lures (Live bait most popular because it’s a real baitfish -  necessity of a bait tank, preferably circular, that cylcles in new water to aerate bait [I have a youtube video on how to make your own for $100 if y...
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